I talk about trade with media. Here are examples:

NPR’s Planet Money podcast

Tariffied, April 13, 2018

NPR’s The Indicator podcast

U.S.-China Trade: Where Are We Now? January 10, 2019.
Trade War And Peace. December 3, 2018
Tariffs And Tourists And Trade Wars, Oh My! September 26, 2018
Dude, Where’s My Trade War? June 13, 2018
China, Tariffs, And The Hogs Of War. April 2, 2018

Radio Shows

How New Tariffs Are Impacting US Businesses. 1A, July 23, 2018
How President Trump’s Tariff Plan Compares To Past Trade Protections. Here and Now, March 5, 2018
Words You’ll Hear: NAFTA Negotiations. NPR’s All Things Considered, January 28, 2018
As Trump Slaps Tariffs On Solar Panels, ‘America First’ Trade Policy Takes Shape. On Point, January 23, 2018
The Cost Of Steel Tariffs. On Point, July 19, 2017


Will Trump’s tariffs help U.S. workers? It could be a wash. PBS News Hour, June 14, 2018 [Features Trade Talks]

Trade Policy in a Trump Administration. C-SPAN Washington Journal, November 12, 2016
Chad Bown on President Trump’s Trade Policies. C-SPAN Washington Journal, March 7, 2018
How will tariffs impact American families? Fox News, June 23, 2018
Finally, a nerdy one…